Marvin 3 & Marvin SxS EPUB Reader for iOS

By far the best EPUB reader for any operating system, Marvin, has just received an epic update to V3. Over 140 new features and changes, too many to list here. There are now two “versions” of Marvin, 3 and SxS — these are feature identical but enable you to have two different libraries, run side by side the same book in different languages etc.

Limited time offer (in-app for 3 and up-front for SxS), so don’t miss it!

Detailed Feature List

Differences between 3 and SxS

Already have both apps. So far so good. A small learning curve for adjusting to the new layout for options, settings, and features, but easily accomplished after exploring with trial and error (10-15min) or reading their blog guides.

One thing I miss from Gerty app by same Dev, that Marvin 3 and it’s SxS companion, almost have, is when you finish a book, it doesn’t allow for automatic time logging of how long it took to read the book, and post as a journal entry.

Sometime this week I’ll play with Marvin XD plug in with calibre app.