MAS 32-bit or 64-bit?

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I’m looking at purchasing Scapple from the MAS, I’ll be using it on a 2011 iMac and also on my old 2006 MacBook which is 32-bit. The MAS says 64-bit, but nothing on the Scapple site cites an architecture other than Intel, indeed the demo runs on the 32-bit machine. What architecture does the MAS version require?

I’d rather purchase through the MAS for ease of updates.

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Thanks for your interest in Scrivener. The MAS version is identical to the site version in terms of architecture. It is indeed a 64bit app but it should run on most Intel machines (but not all). Most modern Intel machines can run 64bit apps even though their kernel is 32bit. I’m surprised your 2006 MacBook was okay with the demo, though. I recommend downloading from the Mac App Store, then immediately test it on both of your machines. If it doesn’t work, get in touch with Apple straight away and ask for a refund - they usually offer refunds for MAS purchases with no quibbles as long as they are requested within the first week or so.

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It shouldn’t work. I have bought Scapple 1.0 from my old Snow Leopard 32 bit Mac Mini. Now that it’s 1.1 it’s 64 bit and I can’t update anymore, even though the store marks it as updateable.

Fortunately I work mainly on my mba, so this is not such a big big problem, more an annoyance, since I keep going back to my mini from times to time. because of the big-screen.

But these are the sacrifices progress demands I guess :wink:

The Scapple demo (version 1.1 (4510)) is working just fine on my 32-bit MacBook, it’s just a shame that the App Store version is 64-bit only :frowning:
I’ve bought through the App Store on my iMac and will make do with only editing stuff at home.

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Interesting! I have 1.0 (3983) on the mini. How come the demo 1.1 is 32 bit and the one on the store is 64 bit?

@Keith: Could you provide a way for me to install the demo and have it licensed, so I could uninstall the store version?

Scrivener -both the own site and MAS versions are running 32bit under Mavericks or Yosemite.

Scapple on the other hand is running 64bit. I have the version from the site, and it is running as a 64 bit app under Yosemite.

I know this is an old thread, but I had to pull out my old MacBook with Snow Leopard. I loved that Scrivener ran fine, but bummed that the demo of Scapple can’t load. It would have been nice to use both side-by-side! Clearer information on the download page would have saved me some time and bandwidth.