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Hi, K. I noticed the review of Scrivener by Jean-Louis Gassée in the MAS and your attempt on twitter to get in touch with him. Did he return your call? Is there anything we can do as a community to help you get hooked up?

I was interested to see the feedback from several ministers. I’d never thought of them as writers/researchers, but that makes perfect sense.

I also noticed that Scrivener doesn’t appear when I search in the App Store for “word processor”. FYI.

On a tangential note, I loaded up the (U.S.) MAS app and Scrivener was the second “New and Noteworthy” application. :slight_smile:

Hi floatingbones, thanks for the kind concern. Another user got in touch with JLG, confirmed it was he, and sent me his e-mail; I contacted him a few days ago to tell him that I had spent all last Saturday working on his tech issue, and to explain how he could customise keyboard shortcuts. So far, no reply, and the 2-star review stands, but hey, that’s just the way of the App Store (it’s just a little annoying to get a 2-star review which describes the app as “impressive” but gives the bad review because of an issue getting HTML links into .docx files) - I’ve certainly no complaints as all our other reviews are fantastic and we’ve been riding high in the US charts.

Thanks again!

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I don’t have anything close to the current version of MS Office; I couldn’t sort out if he had a legitimate complaint or if there was some sort of pilot error.

There seem to be some interesting dynamics at play in the App Store. I posted a review of a free app “Password Pad Lite”, which uses XOR-based encryption(!). My 1-star review of that app has been repeatedly pulled from the app store; I finally placed a copy in Scrivener and just re-paste it when it’s taken down. I have no idea why the review gets pulled; the only reason I can think of is that I recommend other applications. If Gassée’s complaint is not based in fact, you may be able to get it pulled. Alternatively, if export of links to .docx files works just fine, other reviewers could note that fact in their App Store reviews.

The thumbs up/down voting by other readers definitely mitigates the 2-star review. Also, the presence of a negative review is hardly a bad thing. When I look up a book on Amazon, I like to see what the worst thing people say about a title. Having all the reviews be 5-star is not necessarily the best thing in the world – even if all the reviews are completely accurate.

My main suggestion is to make sure that Scrivener shows up on likely searches that people do on the app store. Scrivener should show up any place that Pages shows up. The words “word processor” don’t appear anywhere in your App Store description of Scrivener. We all know that’s not what Scrivener is, but it’s also the case that many writers don’t really know what they really need.

Could you put a t-shirt in your Cafe Press store with a logo and four verbs that capture what students can do with your tool? Something like:

Research. Organize. Draft. Publish.

We could then conspire once a month to all wear our L&L shirts to our local coffee shop.

I’m still waiting for the giant Scrivener logo sticker I can slap on the back of my laptop and then go out to coffee shops and casually “be seen” with my sexy MBA. :wink:

It doesn’t help that JLG is a big name in Apple history, even though he’s associated with some IT failures. For background, see:ée

Quite right but he’s big stuff nevertheless. If you read JLG & Fréderic Filloux’s blogs you’re reading some of the best commentary on tech and publishing you can find. Top-level stuff.

That said, I found his review quite bizarre. First, that he would choose to review anything—you don’t find his signature on Macupdate very often. :confused: Second, his concern was in so specialized an area that for him to choose to do a 2-star for an overall rating was utterly backasswards to his usual high-flying perspicacity (Oooh I just had to say that). In short, be nice to the guy, Keith, but realize he was probably 2 hours into a bottle of Côtes Du Rhône.


Yes, of course I was nice - I sent him a nice e-mail but have so far heard nothing back, and seeing as there was a refund the next day I’m guessing he just got a refund and moved on. It is probably just karma biting me for some very prissy and pretentious reviews I wrote for a local paper back in my twenties. :slight_smile:

All the best,

If it’s any consolation, I didn’t have any idea who the guy was until I read this discussion. So it’s quite possible that most people who aren’t steeped in Mac & Tech culture, or who came to Macs later (after OS 9), will not pay his rating any more mind than the other reviews.

I can’t see the JLG review at all in the UK app store, what am I doing wrong?

EDIT: just in case others wonder the same thing, you can choose which country you see reviews from by clicking the flag at bottom right.

The US app store has 23 ratings, 22 of which are 5*, the other of which is JLGs. If you read his review it just looks like finger trouble on his part, would be nice if he had the grace to revise his outlier though. Seems quote a few pastors use it (OTOH if Fred Phelps is a user, I am sending mine back and demanding a refund!)

So if you want to game the App Store, you buy an app, write a poor review and claim a refund. Good to know.