MAS Sandbox and Dropbox

Is there any update to the situation for the future Sandboxing requirements not allowing Dropbox sync? I’m trying to decide which version to buy and I’d like to get the MAS version but Dropbox sync is a must (well, though perhaps not if you get an iPad app out with iCloud support…).


As mentioned elsewhere, we’re not looking to support iCloud for the iPad version any time soon, as iCloud is only available to Mac App Store programs, which would exclude the majority of our users (non-MAS customers and Windows users). So we’ll be looking into Dropbox first.

As for sandboxing, Apple has made some improvements to sandboxing that now allow programs to have persistent access to external folders, so it is now possible to update Scrivener for sandboxing and still support Dropbox external folder sync.

I’ll be updating Scrivener to support sandboxing sometime over the next couple of months. As Apple won’t be removing programs that don’t support sandboxing after 1st June (they’ll just be refusing updates to non-sandboxed apps), this therefore means that there should be nothing to worry about here.

Thanks for your interest in buying Scrivener!

All the best,