MAS to Direct Sale Not Recognised

macOS 10.7.5

Scrivener purchased from Mac App Store.

Now upgrading to 2.8.

Trying … e-customer Installing the Direct-Sale Version as a Mac App Store Customer, but DSV only being seen as trial software and isn’t being picked up by MAS registration.

Not possible to migrate from MAS to DSV with 2.8?

If you want to switch to the direct sale version, your best choice is to upgrade via the App Store, then switch the upgraded version over.

If you’re still not successful, please email our support address with a copy of your App Store receipt.


Thank you.

Deleted Scrivener entirely. Downloaded 2.8 from the MAS and ran it. Downloaded the DSV of 2.8, but it says it is a trial version only.

Will dig out the MAS receipt as you suggest.


I removed Scrivener from my Mac using App Cleaner from FreeMacSoft, reinstalled the MAS version, and then reinstalled the DSV. Everything is working fine now.