Mass File Conversion (to PDF)?

I want to convert a load of MHT files on my comp to PDF files, but is there any way I can do that easily instead of having to individually open each file and go through the print to file option?


If you’ve got access to a windows machine (or use Parallels) you could try something like PDF995. It does batching conversion. Acrobat will also do this, but you have to script it yourself (irk).

I want to do exactly the same thing. I need to convert hundreds of docs, text, rtfs etc to PDF to read on my iPhone (I tried to use Calibre to covert to epub - it does batches - but the resulting files are unreadable on the device). I haven’t managed to find anything at reasonable cost (or even unreasonable for that matter) for the mac yet.

Shouldn’t be to tough to create an apple script/automator to do the convert to pdf. I might take a look into it later this week.

perks up Really? :smiley:

I’ve been thinking that it shouldn’t be hard, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Please do, if you get a chance. puppy dog eyes

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looks at the mostly empty thread

I only have an Apple. My friend would likely let me borrow her Windows laptop to convert things, but I would like something that’ll work on my comp, because it’s something I’d use fairly frequently.

Anyone? Any other suggestions or ideas? I found this script, but I’m still trying to figure out how to work it.


Graphic Converter can do batch conversions to pdf of lots of different file types. I do not know if it can open MHT files. If it can, you are golden.


You have to save the script (which does not work with folders or RTFD files) as an Application first. There’s an option for that in the save dialog in Apple’s Script Editor. Once you’ve created the App, you can simply drag’n drop multiple files on its icon. The PDF files will be created in the same location as the original files.

Did that. The conversion’s messed up.

Unfortunately, you’re right. :frowning: I’ve added Apple’s textutil to the script, which
should improve the conversion of HTML files. There’s also a problem with certain filenames. If your documents are mostly websites, that could be the issue.

Still doesn’t work. :frowning:

(I’ve attached the resultant converted PDF if it helps trigger any thoughts.)

Maybe there’s a way to convert MHT to something else as an intermediate before going to PDF? off to hunt
Christianity and slavery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.mht.pdf (784 KB)

Carradee, I have no knowledge and experience of this … indeed I don’t even know what an MHT file is, but one thing the Mac is brilliant at is printing anything to PDF. Could you not use automator – again something I haven’t done personally, but some of the greater geeks on this forum might be able to help you with – to create a folder that would automatically print to PDF any file you drop into it, on the basis of an app that does read your MHTs as ordinary text rather than binary?

Just a suggestion.


The apple script print interface makes it a tad “tougher” than this. At least the part that I can figure out with only online docs. Still thinking about it though.

I’ve poked at my problem with Automator, the OS’s print function, and a pointy stick, but I can’t figure out how to mesh them.

scratches head There has got to be some way to do this.

Carradee, I just saw this in the OmniGraffle forum, where someone was asking how to produce batch PDFs from about fifty OmniGraffle files. I don’t know whether you could use the script Joel gives as a basis for rolling your own for the files that concern you.



This will work if

  1. the app that you open the file with supports save as PDF.
  2. the app has scripted the save as dialog a bit.

So this might be your best bet.

Thanks, xiamenese! I think this’ll help, and thanks Jaysen for those comments on the functionality so I know what to look for.

I’ve started trying to convert it to work on my issue.

  1. Not that I can find. Maybe there’s a plug-in. (I’m using Opera.)
  2. Evidently not. :frowning:

I can get it to open the selected document with Opera, but…

does some more searching

I just found an Automator download from Apple that looks like it’ll work.

EDIT: or not. I can’t get it to install. :unamused:

MTHML is basically an unsupported file format in Mac OS X. I think your best option is to use something like GraphicConverter or File Juicer (the latter does include an Automator action to convert MHT to HTML).

Dee, I’m still somewhat in the dark as I have never encountered an MHT file. But if File Juicer has an automator action to convert MHT to HTML, Nisus Writer (Pro, at least … do you use it?) a) reads HTML files without problem, b) has a “Save as PDF” option, and c) is highly scriptable.
If you do go that way, the other thing about finding a way through NWP is that there is a guy calling himself Kino who posts regularly on the NWP Macros forum and who is the equivalent there of AmberV! He’d sort out your script in a trice.
If you don’t use NWP (I don’t know if NW Express has “Save as PDF” or about opening HTML, as I haven’t used it since the private betas for the first version of Pro, and I don’t have it on either of my machines!) Graphic Converter can both read MHT and export PDF, and has built in batch processing, but the PDFs are only raster PDFs; if you want them in more text like format, which I presume to be true, you’d have to OCR them.
If Jaysen considers himself an ignorant hick — a title which he frequently claims — my degree of ignorance in these matters is such that I have not even reached the elevation of “hick” on the evolutionary scale.

MHT is what you get when you save a website as a web archive with Opera, which is my browser, e-mail client, and RSS feed handler of choice. I like MHT files in general (they look nice, like the site, and I like Opera), but other programs can’t work w/ 'em, and PDF is my next file format of choice, to keep the original file appearance.

Thus the quick explanation of where I get the files from and why I want the conversion.

I’m looking at File Juicer. That looks like the cheapest if it’ll work. I don’t have Nisus, unfortunately.