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When I compile to word, I then run a spelling and grammar check over the document to highlight anything not picked up in the Scrivener version. This leaves me with what I consider to be the final draft. I would prefer Scrivener to be my ultimate source document but as I see it, and have been doing thus far, this involves copying the word document back into Scrivener and then separating it back into chapters, though I guess that last bit isn’t absolutely necessary. My question is, am I missing another method? I desperately don’t want to have two different final versions because it plays with my mind. Is there a simpler way. Ideally Scrivener would format, spell, and grammar check consistent with word such that the compile was essentially putting a different file extension onto the file and I could trust the conversion. I am a long time Scrivener simpleton, apologies in advance.

Yeah, I’d give the external folder sync feature a try. If you’re already copying and pasting back from Word, then I presume you aren’t using any special internal Scrivener features that would be damaged by such an action, like internal cross-referencing links, a mixture in inline annotation and comments (and colour settings on those), linked images &c. If so, then external folder syncing via RTF may work well for you.

The idea is that the software will output an .rtf file for each binder item. You would then go through these files with Word doing your final proofing pass. When done, in Scrivener you’d use the File ▸ Sync ▸ with External Folder Now command. It will then go through and do pretty much what you’ve been doing by hand up until this point, merging all changes back into the binder for you and even optionally creating snapshots so you can preserve these iterations.

As you can see, this feature could also be useful when working with an editor as well. It depends on whether they are okay with working on a folder of .rtf files, and how small those files are, of course.

Check out the feature in the user manual, under Synchronised Folders, in Chapter 14, Cloud Integration and Sharing.


I had no idea that synch feature was available. Somehow in years of using Scrivener, I missed that functionality. It works really well with DropBox. I haven’t tried it with anything else, My writing is straight fiction, no links or references to confuse things. The synch feature will save me tens if not hundreds of hours of copying and pasting.



You’re welcome!