"Master" vs. "Version" cards, similar to Apple's Aperture

This is a feeature request.

I’m working on a documentary film.

I’m using Scrivener to catalog excerpts of hundreds of interviews from a variety of people. I use the excerpts to create storyboards for film edits.

My interview excerpts, one per card, look like this:
– John Doe 00:02:15;01
– John Doe 00:03:17;01
– John Doe 00:05:18;01

… and each card is keyworded with topics mentioned in the interview excerpt.

My drafts look like this:
– Assembly 01
– Assembly 02
– Rough Cut 01
– Rough Cut 02
– Rough Cut 03

… and each draft has a collection of interview excerpts.

Herein lies the problem: Scrivener allows only one “master” card to exist at a time. If I use a card from John Doe’s interview in Assembly 01, it cannot be used in Assembly 02 without deleting it from Assembly 01.

I know I could duplicate the relevant John Doe card, but that would mess with my overall taxonomy and search results.

What I would like is to be able to create “virtual” cards or versions of cards, similar to the way that you create Master Projects in Aperture, and subsequent albums containing various orderings and assemblies of photographs.

Although not this exactly, there will be a solution to this in version 2.0, although it’s still in the design stages.
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Sounds intriguing :slight_smile: