Math equation extension (Latex) on Scrivener for Mac

Hello Developer and Programmer of Scrivener,

According to writing math equations, I have got the impression that Scrivener (for Mac) is no longer supported for any other math equation functionalities except Mathtype. It seems that LL (literature and latte) has a business associated with the use of Mathtype (Mathtype is a subscription app from Design Science).

I hope the next update of Scrivener will have a feature or extension similar to Mathtype, for example, Latex editor would be better. So I hope users can choose either add-on Mathtype or user-friendly Latex extension on Scrivener. Latex editor is more friendly to write math equations than Mathtype.

All the best,

There is already a good LaTeX “front-end” that works in all native Mac programs, as well as on loose image files saved anywhere. No need for everyone to build integration with it! I’ve posted about it previously.

If you have MacTeX installed, then you’ve already got it, and just need to set up the global system services you want with some shortcuts to make it efficient.

Unfortunately until MathType get their 64-bit rewrite done, that’s probably the only good solution out there.