Mathtype and ebooks

When I compile a book for Kindle the Mathtype equations appear very small. I have them formatted as Calibri 11 which is the same as the body text but it appears much smaller than the body text. If I compile as epub for iBook the equations do not even appear unless I double click the area where they should be and then they mysteriously appear full size!!

Hello, sorry for the late reply (I’ve been away on honeymoon and moving house…). I can’t reproduce the issue with equations not appearing in epub files - what program are you using to open the files?

The thing to remember with the size of the equations is that even if you write in Calibri 11, e-readers do not use this font - they have their own fonts, the user’s preferred reading font, that get used instead. So the images may well seem small compared to the text (it may be better to use a 12-point font in equations for this).

There is talk of the epub format adopting MathML in the future. If it does so, and as long as e-readers take it on board and start rendering MathML correctly, then Scrivener would be able to output MathML instead of an image, which would be a much better solution than using static images.

All the best,