Mathtype Boxes Snafu

This is likely an issue more with the folks at Mathtype than it is in Scrivener. I’ve emailed their text support and have yet to receive a response.

Essentially, when I type equations in Mathtype certain symbols appear as plain boxes. These boxes then carry themselves over to Scrivener when I copy and paste them. I’m wondering if anyone has figured out a workaround or knows how to resolve this. I don’t know if it’s Mathtype, Scrivener, or a system wide issue.

As it appears as a problem in Mathtype the cause is there. It might be a system-wide problem. Have you installed suitable fonts that Mathtype can use for those symbols?

Yeah, I have the fonts. Don’t know why there are these boxes.

Never mind. I had to resolve certain font duplicates. Had nothing to do with Scrivener or Mathtype. So, now the matter is resolved.