Mathtype doesn't follow current formatting.

Hey ya,

I’m not quite sure if this is a bug or a feature :smiley:

Anyhow, it’s been bugging me for some time now.

When using math type, after closing math type, it doesn’t insert with the current font.

To reproduce:

  • Latest Scrivener Trail download. Mathtype 6.7
  • Define a “normal preset”, which has a line spacing of .7 and a font of say Cohin
  • type some text
  • open Mathtype & do some math equation (make it say 20 lines long, not a 1 liner).
  • close Mathtype (so it inserts it into Scrivener)
  • move cursor to the beggining of the inserted object, press and hold shift, then press right. The math-type equation should be selected.
  • Inspect the font & line spacing.

Expected result:

  • Mathtype equation is pasted, during the paste, it should observe the current formatting settings that are used (e.g the last used font & line spacing of the most current pre-set).
  • The top line of the math-type equation should not be much below the text.

Actual result:

  • Inserts it with font that is not of the pre-set “Helvetica” & line spacing 0.9
  • top margin significantly off, i.e big white space if inserting long equations of 20+ lines. (the more lines, the more spaces at the top).


  • apply the pre-set with the smaller line-spacing each time.
  • Not pay attention to the huge spacing too much :-3

It’s not the end of the world, just a small wrinkle. If there’s a more elegant way to solve it, do let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you



There are in fact two issues here:

  1. There is no way to tell MathType, from Scrivener, which font it should use - this has to be set within MathType itself. Often it’s desirable to have a different font for equations anyway. But basically, MathType integration is all done with AppleEvents, and all it involves is Scrivener saying, “Hey, MathType, I want to create an equation,” or, “Hey, MathType, here’s a PDF of an equation you created that needs editing.” And that’s the extent of it.

  2. Line spacing around images. Argh! This is an ongoing issue with the OS X text system. Basically, when you insert an image, if you have, say, a line spacing of 1.5, then the line will suddenly become 1.5 x the height of the image, rather than using whatever is maximum out of the height of the image OR 1.5X non-image characters (which would be the preferred behaviour). I have a technical support issue out with Apple in an attempt to resolve this. It’s non-trivial, as it means overriding some key layout methods from the text system which aren’t very well documented. I had a reply from Apple a couple of months ago that I haven’t had time to test properly yet (because it is complicated, and potentially fragile with knock-on effects so will need much testing once I have time to look at it). But this is definitely something I want to fix (hence the reason I paid for a tech support incident to get help from the Apple engineers with this). It’s particularly annoying when you have MathType images within paragraphs - the baseline and the size of the image plays havoc with line spacing, and it really shouldn’t. The OS X text system is both a saviour (I’d never have been able to create Scrivener on my own without the text system having been available “out of the box”) and the bane of my life (it hasn’t seen a really solid update since Tiger).

Hope that makes sense.

All the best,

Ah, yah.

Yea, I might have typed out a misleading description about the fonts. The fonts don’t bother me (I manually changed them in MathType). The line spacing was the trouble maker.

Thank you for taking the time and explaining it. Having worked in a Software company I understand the issue that you’re facing.

Good luck with things!


btw, in case anyone reading this:

For the time being I’ve configured a “normal” preset and I used apple keyboard shortcut to assign keyboard short cuts to set the pre-sets.
That I way I can quickly highlight things and fix things with a keyboard hot key.

Get’s the job done fairly well: