MathType equations have enormous top whitespace

I have recently been trying to use the MathType integration with Scrivener. When I do, however, the equations that are inserted tend to have an extremely large amount of whitespace over the equation itself, which generally doubles the overall height space taken up by the equation. Is there any way to change this or alleviate the issue?

Here is an image of what I mean:

Check the line-height multiplier in the Format Bar for that line in Scrivener, is it set to something like 1.4 or so? If so, that would explain it, as it looks like about .3 or .4 of the total equation height is being padded on top of it.

It’s at 1.2, yes, which is the same as my text spacing. For the text it’s fine, but for the equations it creates far too much whitespace. Is there any way to set the default to be something lower only for the equations?

The only way to do it is by manually altering the line spacing for equations, although this isn’t possible if you have equations inline with the text, of course. I have a tech support incident out with Apple at the moment, seeing as this is down to the OS X text system and how it handles images and line spacing, to see if there is something I can do to work around it.

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