Mathtype equations unreliable use

With v. and WinXP I noticed on the positive side the speed gain. Great news and thanks for that.
On the negative side there are two old issues, that I found they still persist in this new version:

  1. In the “new text” outliner the baseline is some points below the normal. Small issue but a bit annoying for an app that aims to be elegant. See picture:

A more serious issue is the following.
2. The mathtype (v.6.8_)'s use is somewhat erratic. The baseline is not clear if it is centered (sometimes it is) or not. If one writes an equation and then attempts to edit it, Scrivener adds a new equation each time near the original. The figure below shows the same equation that has been edit two times, changing A–>B and B–> C. Scrivener added the two new equations with B and C that can be seen, instead of changing the original one. Moreover, sometimes editing equation with the “B” for instance, shows in Mathtype the equation with the “A” (i.e. the one that lies on the left in the picture).
2.1. Lastly, if I drag equation C between equation A and B the equation C changes in equation A (so now there are three equations: “A”,“A”,“B”). This is worrying, since Scrivener/Mathtype modifies your equations, without any warning of error or whatever.