Mathtype Issues (MT 6.9 and Scrivener 1.6.1)

I am currently evaluating Scrivener for use in a writing a set of technical documents and I love the capabilities I am seeing so far.

However, I have encountered a couple of issues which would not allow me to use the product for my stated purpose. The issue concerns Mathtype. For whatever reason, any attempt to copy the equation from Mathtype to Scrivener using the Mathtype integration (which conveniently shows up in the Insert menu) results in a blank (it appears to just insert a space) in Scrivener. It does that if I highlight and cut and paste as well, or if I perform a drag and drop.

The only way to get the equation into Scrivener (at least on my laptop) is to use Mathtype in Word, and highlight the equation as if it were a picture. However, when I cut and paste the object the picture quality inside of Scrivener is not usable (very grainy and aliased).

Mind you, the issue could be with Mathtype (I will enter a similar bug report over there).


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your interest in Scrivener! I did a quick test with 1.6.1 and MathType 6.9 running under Windows 7, but I’m not seeing the problem you’ve described. If I’m in a text document in Scrivener, with the default formatting, and choose Edit > Insert > MathType Equation, the MathType window opens and I can select one of the prefab equations and then close and return to Scrivener (F4) and the equation appears in the Scrivener document at the insertion point. Selecting and right-clicking it allows you to choose “Edit in MathType…” to reopen the MathType window and update the equation.

I wonder if this has something to do with the formatting you’re using in the document–we do have a bug ticket open on a problem with the equation not following the baseline when it’s inserted within a paragraph rather than on its own line, so it’s possible that the line spacing you have set is somehow affecting the appearance of the inserted equation. What happens if you use the default editor settings or try inserting the MathType equation in its own paragraph?