Matthew Hughes Workshop

Wasn’t sure where to post this but,

Matthew Hughes is doing a three-hour writers workshop for the Ripon Branch of the North Yorkshire County Library at 10 a.m., 18th August. He’ll be talking about elementary story mechanics, i.e., how stories work and how the pieces fit together, and the ins and outs of writing scenes, i.e., the dreaded “show, don’t tell.”

Well worth the effort - car, metro, train x 2, taxi.

If, like me you’re a novice I’d definitely recommend popping in to see and learn from Matthew.

FIrst time I’d met him, and he was informative, patient, funny and flexible. (I’m sure we strayed off onto what we wanted to know rather than any pre-prepared “lecture” matthew had for us.)

Good news if you live in Saskatchewan - Matthew’s heading your way on Friday 22th Aug for a four month stay…if you get the chance drop in and say hi