Mavericks/Yosemite Compatibility and Dropbox question


My main job is working on a scrivener document that is saved on DropBox. My office computer is only allowed to run Mavericks for the time being, while I am thinking of updating my personal laptop to Yosemite. Can I still edit the same Scrivener file on DropBox with two different versions of OS X? Could you envision problems?

Simply saying this is a bad idea will convince me not to do it, but if this is relatively safe I will go for it.

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This should be perfectly fine. You can run both computers on the same version of Scrivener, and the project format is the same as it has been anyway.

Do you think this will change in the near future? As in the next 3-6 months?

Unlikely. Mavericks is not nearly old enough for Apple itself to be dropping support for it, and that’s the only reason why we would consider doing so.

Please do read at least the beginning of this thread, on best practices for sharing projects with Dropbox: