Max number of notes?

Is there a functional limit to the number of notes in a Scapple document?

I ask because I’m building a timeline that so far has 244 notes and it seems to be getting sluggish. I’ve rebooted, but no improvement. (Running iMac with 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5)

I’m a bit worried because I’m only halfway through this timeline. It could get up to 500 notes easily. But if it crashes I’m in trouble.

There is a practical limit that depends on the computer. A faster one might be able to handle more notes than say a MacBook Air. I’ve never heard about any crashing related to pushing the limits of what the software can handle at once, though. If you are experiencing crashes, that may be unrelated.

Thanks Amber. Hasn’t crashed yet. It’s more the sluggishness (characters take a second to catch up to typing) that I’ve noticed. It’s odd because this is a new and reasonably powered iMac. Shouldn’t be an issue. But I will carry on in hope.

Well to be clear it’s going to be an issue no matter how powerful the computer is, it’s just that a more powerful computer may not notice the issue as quickly. Your new iMac can handle ~250 notes before it starts to noticeably slow down, but my MBA starts to get a little sluggish at ~150. A top of the line Mac Pro might handle 450, who knows? Whatever the case, the software is aimed at handling smaller boards than any of these examples. Do consider that it is fairly easy to maintain a “network” of boards, connected by file links (just drag a .scap file onto a board).

Thanks, that’s helpful.

Oh, nice! Didn’t realize you could do that…