Maximized window state not stored?


scapples take some screen real estate, so I have the respective windows maximized (I have not a very big screen). Unfortunately, when I reopen a closed scapple, it is opened in the default screen size, i.e. less than netbook size, less than 800x600.

In light of the fact that Scapple does not offer a tabbed interface, this means that for 5 scapples, I have to maximize 5 different windows, one by one, by mouseclick.

It is evident that this comes quite unhandy, hence my question if you are working on Scapple remembering the last window state/size, or even a tabbed interface? Anyway, perhaps there is some option inWindows XP by which in the meanwhile I could make Windows remember the window size of these files?

And I did not overlook a “several pages” feature, within ONE Scapple file, either, did I?

Thank you very much for your comment.

Sorry, wrong forum. Could you move this thread into the right one? (I had to register first, from the right forum, then was redirected to this wrong one, without becoming aware of this in time.)

I would like to add that “Properties”, in the application list, and then the setting “always open maximized” there, for Scapple, does NOT have any effect on this problem, but any scapple will remain to be opened in that minuscule window (in which it had NOT been closed before).

Yeah, I would totally buy Tiho and Lee a beer for a tabbed interface for Scapple. (Given that my bar tab for them is probably quite large by now…)

It’s even worse.

When you launch a scapple file (by double clicking in a file manager, or by pressing Enter there when it’s selected) that is already open, it’s expexted that the window with that open file will be displayed, but instead, Scapple opens a SECOND instance of that same file, under the identical name.

Of course, you’ll get in deep trouble by such a set-up, even when you don’t work on both open versions by turns, so we’ve got decidedly a bug here.


  1. Are you working on the fact that Win-Scapple does not remember the size and/or the state of the window any scapple/file was closed last time?
  2. Are you working on the fact that Win-Scapple opens several instances of an identical file, without warning, instead of just displaying the file you want to work on? (Both problems in XP, can’t say for later versions.)

This means, can we expect these problems being resolved soon? In that case, I’d happily buy Scapple since it’s visually appealing and quite intuitive. (Re intuitiveness, did I miss the trick how to REVERSE an arrow? (Instead of first deleting it, then creating a new one in the other direction)?)

Scapple 1.0 should remember the the window size and position of each saved board, including whether it was closed while in full screen. Double-clicking on the .scap file of an already-open board should bring that board to the front. So what you’re seeing is unusual.

I’d try thoroughly uninstalling any versions of Scapple on your system (and check that you don’t have multiple installations, as suggested by the duplicate file instance), deleting any remnants of the Scapple installation folder that remain (if any) and then downloading a fresh copy of the installer from the website and installing again.

Thank you, Jennifer, for answering.

As said, it’s XP, which might explain some of these inconsistencies.

There is no ancient Scapple installation, it was a fresh one on day 1 and 2, now it’s day 3.

I must admit that whilst the above was true, I did not also try to resize the very little window (perhaps 700x500 pixels) to any bigger individual size, just the little size, and maximized (1280x1024), and which was not consistent.

So today (without reinstall, my installer was brand-new 2 days ago) I resized to something about 1000x1024, closed… and it reopened 1000x1024! I did so with all my files, and it worked fine.

I retried to open a second Scapple instance, but today, Scapple just reverted to the file already, did NOT open another instance of it (tried several times with several files).

On the other hand, whilst reopening maximized now worked fine most of the time, it did not do so EVERY time, i.e. in just SOME instances, it had forgotten maximized state (whilst last time, it forgot maximized state systematically).

So it seems the code is not entirely stable with XP in these regards (so having a look into those code parts could not do any harm imo)?, but for the moment, all works quite well…

  • When I have got a scapple maximized on my second screen (also 1280x1024), and close, and reopen it, it does not remember that position, but opens (but maximized now) on the main screen. I acknowledge that many/most applications are unable to remember their position on a 2-screen setup, so I cannot criticise this.

  • When I resize the regular window, from about 700x500, to 1000x1024, then maximize, then click on the resize button again (and expect the window to again resize to 1000x1024), it instead reverts to about 700x500 (= the default size). This means, in regular conditions (prevailing for the moment), Scapple remembers maximized state, and size/position of individual state, but both size and position of individual state are lost by any maximization, so here’s a point where the code should be tweaked. (Since most other applications remember individual state after intermediate maximizing, so that would be the expected behavior.)

If it remains stable in its current state, I’m eager to buy; I’m just a little bit afraid the aforementioned problems could rise again (and I never encountered them with any third-party software, hence my assumption that Scapple code might be at fault here).

As for a feature wish, please consider

  • more shortcuts, e.g. for “align” (“to left”, etc.)
  • more shortcuts for new elements (it’s VERY mouse-centered yet, by its Apple origins); the mouse should not be necessary anymore but for rearranging elements on the canvas
  • a shortcut for “reverse arrow” (instead of the several steps necessary now for that)

I VERY MUCH appreciate the purist layout and quick draw of Scapple.

(I also own MindManager, Visio and Micrografx Flowcharter, and tried others, e.g. Visual Mind, but none of those is really useful as a “visual thinking-enhancement” tool, whilst Scapple comes next to such a thing.)