Maximum cap to inspector width?

Hi Keith,

I didn’t find this mentioned specifically before, but I may be wrong. In a previous thread you mentioned the use of minimum widths for the main panel and for the inspector ( … .php?t=555).
However, would it be possible to add a maximum width for the inspector? A walk-through should speak for itself:

  • make sure the inspector is closed - if not, close it, quit and re-start scrivener
  • open the window to the maximum size allowed by your monitor (not sure this would work on small ones; mine is 15" :wink:)
  • split screen vertically for a more dramatic effect
  • open inspector
    -> The middle pane shrinks to its minimum allowed width (whether selected or not), and the inspector takes up at least a third of the entire window. When manually pulling the inspector back to a reasonable width, that setting only lasts as long as I don’t quit Scrivener.
    Can something be done? I suppose this is more of an annoyance for laptop owners who often shut their machine down, and thus re-start Scrivener often…

You are not alone in this. I will ponder.