May 2014 Release Feedback

The update looks to be a great improvement! I have not tested it all. There are two things that I do not like.

#1- The spell check finishes and if there are no more problems it brings up a box that says “Spell check complete.” The “OK” button is grayed out and must exit by hitting the X in the upper right corner. Then it takes me back to the original spell check search screen and I have to exit out of that. Every button on that screen is grayed out also. I would prefer that one click ends the whole process. If there are no further spelling problems, then one click should take me out and back to the editor.

#2 I have 7 template text pages set up under a folder outside of my manuscript that I often copy to start a new chapter. I used to highlight them all, right click them and select duplicate. Scrivener duplicates them and leaves them all highlighted. It still does all that only now it adds the word “copy” to the end of every name of each template text page. I then move them where I want them. Now I have to go back and remove the word “copy” at the end of each text page name. I liked it better the old way.

Best wishes, Mike

Mike, on that second point, have a look at the new document template feature. It’s meant to replace the sort of thing you are doing with duplication. You can select that folder that has the templates in it, and use the Project/Set Selection as Templates Folder menu command. Now, anything in that folder will become a template you can add from the regular Project/New From Template/ sub-menu (also in the add button and the contextual menus). A trick that might help you out, from what it sounds like, is that if you put your seven items into a “chapter” folder and then select that folder as the “Add” choice, the whole sub-structure will be generated in that spot. Basically, the feature makes it possible to add your own document types to the add menus.

Thanks for the feedback!

The new template feature is great, but I agree about adding the word ‘copy’ - is this really necessary?

I wonder the same thing. I don’t think it is necessary, since if you remove it there’s no error message. Scrivener allows for documents be named the same, even if contiguous.

Perhaps the developer team could create an option setting to add the “-copy” when copying? In fact, a duplicate with “Untitled” as an option would be nice too.

It’s just meant to be familiar with how file management systems work. There isn’t a whole lot of reason behind it one way or the other.

Well, I’d say it helps with all the cases where people have duplicated their documents and then edit the wrong version and panic about it later and write frantically to tech support. :neutral_face:

Hi Amber,

Thanks for your reply. I am using the Windows version so your mileage may vary. The New From Template thing is not working very well. First off it only lets me select one at a time instead of all seven. Second, it does not bring the data in the template all the time and instead creates a blank page. Sometimes if I wait, it will show up after 3 or 4 minutes. Other times I have waited 20 minutes and it still never showed up.

Instead, I have found that if I duplicate an entire folder (with my 7 text pages of templates within it) then it only adds the word “copy” to the folder name and leaves the 7 text page titles alone. All I have to do is change the name of the folder and move it where I want it. None of this requires the New From Template process.

I would not have tried that except for your suggestion and so thank you.

Best wishes, Mike

That is what I was saying about putting your whole group of seven files into a folder inside the template folder. Now that folder will be something you can select in the menu, and will bring along the seven subdocuments with it, wherever you point. When you want to make a new chapter, you click on that chapter folder in the templates menu. When you do it this way, the result is you typing in the folder name immediately, just like when hitting Ctrl-N, so there is no renaming.

I don’t know, I find that easier than scrolling down, duplicating, renaming it, and then moving it. :slight_smile: But, that’s assuming that it is working right.

Now the matter with the delays, that sounds like a problem that needs to be investigated. It shouldn’t be happening that way at all. For me the new file pops up instantly with everything intact.

Er, was that me?

Oh, no, that was just a plain old bug report. :wink:

Haha, no, not you. Legitimate bug reports are something else. :wink:

Thanks Amber,

Your image helped me figure it out. It all seems to be working now. Yes, the Template thing is pretty cool. It would be nicer if you could also choose one of the Text pages out of the template Chapter. When I do that it inserts the entire Chapter folder with all 7 Text pages. I had to add a Text page template under the Templates folder and that worked. It still takes a varying amount of time before the text in the document will show up. Sometimes 30 seconds and other times over 10 minutes. As you said, that is another problem.

Best wishes, Mike

If I understand you correctly, you should still be able to do what you want to do without the extra template. Just because you put them in a folder doesn’t mean you can only access them as a group, the template menu will let you drill down and select any one of those seven text files to create, individually. The template menu works hierarchically. Select a high level item, and all the sub-documents come along, but drill deeper into the menu and you only the pieces you select.

I think it is supposed to work that way because it lets me select a Text page within the Chapter folder, but it puts the entire Chapter folder with all 7 Text pages into my highlighted folder. Probably a bug…

Thanks, Mike

Well, that’s a bug! Sure enough, it doesn’t let you just pick one subdocument menu item. Thanks!

FWIW, I use Duplicate all the time and having to remove that “copy” is an extra step, albeit a really minor one since I’m editing the title anyway… But perhaps a toggle somewhere to turn that on or off as desired? Maybe behind an advanced button in Options somewhere - possibly with a click through warning like the FireFox about:config one.

Note to self: must investigate the document template thingy…

I really do appreciate the “New From Template” feature and can see how it is better than Duplicate to perform many tasks.

I also understand and agree that appending “copy” to the names helps prevent users from making the mistake of editing the wrong version of a Duplicated entry.

My very specific and selfish suggestion is to give the option to not append “copy” for those entries which have no text in the main Edit screen. (Who knows, maybe tomorrow I or someone else will suggest a different algorithm as to what might or might not be present before suppressing “copy” in the Binder entry.) Perhaps the Synopsis should also be empty before “copy” is not appended … Or just make it a more general option.

I know, I know, everyone wants a piece of you. Everyone wants something different from what is within the box of software. But truly. I might feel forced to install the previous version if I find “copy” to be too much of an irritant for my quick moving fingers on their current path of destruction in this marvelous program.

Here is why I want the option, and go ahead and call me crazy, but one of the things I like most about Scrivener is the way it allows me to layer everything in the Binder, tree down (or the MBAS would have it, drill down) through every setting, every action and every phrase, making each little piece a separate entry in the Binder until everything is in place.

(This allows me to enter every kind of inspiration, then move it where it is needed (and maybe chop it into smaller pieces later.)

So I might write
Chapter 1
Character 1 and Character 2 step out onto the cottage deck
Character 1 sniffs the air
Character 1 - It is a beautiful morning
Character 1 - I wish I had a camera
Character 2 sneezes

I then might move
Character 2 sneezes
up a row

It is like circles and arrows we used in the old days when we would pen and ink directly on paper or type directly on a page, then take a pen to it afterwards to re-arrange the text before typing it out all over again.

Can you see how I might use Duplicate all of the time and might tire of constantly having to delete “copy”?