May I load Scrivener for Windows on multiple machines

Just after downloading Scrivener for Windows, before I could work through the tutorials, my laptop crashed. I’d like to reload Scrivener on this or other (duplicate) machines. Is this allowed, or do I need to purchase the download again?

Thank you.

You’re fine to install it on, I think, 5* of your own (or live-in family member’s) computers. Also, if you want to use it at work, and have sole access to the program on that machine (it’s not shared with other workers/students), then you can install it on that computer as one of the 5.

You should never have to pay for another license if you are just re-loading it onto a computer, or installing onto no more than 5 computers. Just keep up with that registration code for your convenience (they can look it up for you, I think, but that can take more time than searching your email). If you exceed that number, I think they un-register the oldest registration is all.

  • I know it’s multiple computers, just a little fuzzy on how many.

Robert 5 is correct.