May The Force Be With Y'

The Stockport Intelligentsia, & The Honourable Members of The Ancient&Noble Order of Hirsuitum Posterious Weldercusi, wish all the Scrivenati out there A Happy Christmas/Holliday Festive season, and a Safe, Secure & Prosperous New year.
Take care, and may you God be with you.

Thank you Vic, and all the very best of the season to you too.

how does this relate to Star Wars exactly?


Everything does. Or do you have a bad feeling about this?


It doesn’t.
When Obi Wan Kenobi asked Yoda where he was going, Yoda turned to him, and with plaintive voice, said, “ I’ve got to take the wife shopping to the Harvey Nichols’ alter in the Temple Of Mammon . She’s been fantasising about being a Millionaire Footballers’ Wife-or-Girlfriend (WAG), for a while now, and I’m unable to snap her out of it.
“It’s scary, Obi. If she doesn’t realise that I’m not a Millionaire Footballer, and she starts spending as though I am … I’m in schtuck … big time!”

Obi clasped Yoda’s right had in both of his, and inwardly cursing his pathetic inability to summon up the words to banish his old friend’s patent sense of anguish, and rescue him from a fate feared by most married men, he said, “ May the Force be with you, my old buddy, may the Force be with you.”

However, in this instance, the Force invoked by Obi Wan Kenobi, wasn’t the force bodged t’gether by Lucas and the authors of the screenplay of Star Wars, it was a Force for Good in existence, innumerable aeons before the Big Bang, and will still be there long after Netflix has finished streaming the 10,000,000th rerun of the whole StarWars Franchise.

Star Wars?
The expression actually dates back to the sailing era, when strong winds were seen as a gift from the gods, but in order not to alert the gods one didn’t wish for others to get strong or good winds. A bit like not saying good luck to an actor or to a hunter. But wishing for bad weather isn’t a trivial thing at sea, hence the more neutral ”may the force be with y’”

Star Wars is a nick name for the Kerrigan-Harding incident, in which Kerrigan just before it happened said ”I have a bad feeling about this”. This inspired a film maker to use the phrase in a film released 17 years before the incident.

HOw do you know when you’ve got a Catholic Star Wars fan?

“May the Force be with you.”
“And also with you.”


Also works with Anglicans/Episcopalians.

Who? Wot galaxy are they from?

Eh… pisces?

:confused: pieces of wot?


tch!tch! … of course. I am silly. I should’ve seen it all along!
‘A scallop alien’! Or, Oyster-heads,
as they are referred to on Alpha Centauri. Obviously, that’s in a Trumpesque like derogatory fashion.