Maybe a bug, maybe a loading issue. Not sure.

Today I opened Beta 16 as normal, and I started flipping through the menus at the top.

Click on “File” and the shortcuts are cut off; the dropdown menu is too narrow. Slide the mouse over to “Edit,” same thing. Slide back to “File,” problem gone. Back to “edit,” problem gone.


Tried this in succession with the other menus, and the FIRST time I click the top item, the drop-down is narrow, and the shortcuts are physically cut off. After that it’s fine.

And I think this might only happen on first loading Scrivener after booting the machine, because after restarting Scrivener, it didn’t happen (Windows keeps a cache of some sort, I think).

I’ve noticed this behaviour as well. Possibly loading related, as it doesn’t seem to occur if I’ve had the program open for a while before opening the menu.

I noticed it today with submenus, on the first load of Scrivener3 for the day. I’m guessing this is because the QT libraries haven’t yet calculated the menu sizes, and the size is estimated. I should mention I have the Menus & Windows font set larger than normal, to 14-point DejaVu Sans. This is a bit larger than the default (which is 10 points?), and might account for the size differential. If Scriv has precalculated sizes based on its default font, that might account for this phenomenon.