Maybe not *strictly* a Scrivener topic

I have a new MacBook Pro running Catalina and at the moment I am using it almost exclusively for single writing project and almost exclusively with just Scrivener and Tinderbox (and a bit of Bear).

I need to switch between these apps a lot (prose/organisation/notes) and it used to be that I could do that with the CMD-Tab shortcut. But now I find that although the short-cut makes a different app active, it doesn’t bring that newly active app’s window to the front (as it used to). I’ve been through the various menu system pref options and am still stuck,

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong please?

Many thanks.

Are there virtual desktops involved in the equation? If so, there are some settings in System Preferences: Mission Control that might be of impact. For example I use the setting that doesn’t warp you around desktops when using Cmd-Tab. If you Cmd-Tab to something that has no representation on the current desktop, only the menu bar indicates a change.

Also make sure that the current application/window isn’t set to “float.” Floating windows are always on top, even when other applications are active.