MBA too small for ideal carnage.

Face it. Its so thin and small it scares me. I mean there is no mass at all so when you have to knock out a super secret spy that is trying to kill you with a MBA it will not finish the task. When the clowns are chasing you and all you are armed with is duct tape, a swiss army knife, mothballs, and a laptop, you need something of size and mass to inflict the most damage on those 32,672 evil henchmen that will be chasing you.

So to take a page from Hollywood and video games where the bigger the weapon the more endless attackers you can kill at one time I say use this.

Only then can you rescue the girl and save the world in an hour and a half.

Throw in 5 billion explosions and at least 32 cars that fly 50 feet in the air without injurying the occupants and you could survive your next zombie encounter.

Any other advice on everyday weapons of mass zombie/evil henchmen destruction? Maybe a MP tower equipped with 4 wheel drive and a flame thrower?

Are you kidding? Have you checked out the edge of the the MBA? I reckon you could throw it like a frisbee and decapitate several evil ninjas at once!

I think it’s more important to notice the size of computer required for that OS.

Too right! My second thought when I saw the latest small MBA was techno-lust. But my first was how perfect it would have been for Oddjob.

so a MBA, some duct tape, and a good sturdy broom handle and one could make zombie chopping hatchet…

They had to have enough room to house an internal IT department to monitor the machine, especially during bootup. Of course a second team has to be on site anytime they try to use anything that is related to “Windows Live”.