McAfee Antivirus issue on Windows 10 Laptop!

Nowadays I use Windows 10 Laptop and I use McAfee as a security purpose but sometimes I had faced scanning issue some of my external HDD files not scanned by McAfee also some of my downloaded files are corrupted by McAfee, and now I tried to uninstall it for install the new and paid version McAfee antivirus which I get by my new laptop, but the problem is that I can’t uninstall mcafee , and I got some error code while uninstalling, now I want to move AVG antivirus I review the product and I think it’s a great choice for your PC or laptop, suggest me which version is suitable for my Laptop,

You’ve posted in a forum dedicated to a writing program called Scrivener. We have nothing to do with McAfee. Go find the McAfee software forums and post there in order to get the help you need.