Meamwhile Scrapple Windows be actual

What software like scrapple, can we use, as sustitute?

  • cluster potential
    -import scrivener

Probably something like Freemind would be best (especially since Scrivener can import .mm files).

I don’t like FreeMind, because I often make concept maps, that don’t have clear center or change the center of concept map when working on it. My favourite tool for mind maps is IMHC CmapTools (Free, in Java). However, I don’t know yet, how to use it in connection with Scrivener, and just keep both applications opened, or import finished mindmaps (for example, of articles I’ve read) as .jpg in Research folder

Can you export to OPML with CMap?

No, I don’t see such option in Cmap. There are following export options: image file, PDF, Postscript, Scalable vector graphics, Web page, CMAP Outline, Propositions as text, CXL File, XTM/XCM File, IVML File, Life Map.
Maybe some of them will be useful.
I also tried TheBrain, and I remember that it had OPML export option, but it seems to have lesser freedom with organiying concepts, especially when the mindmap doesn’t have clear center.