Meaning of Icons


This may be a stupid question but I am wondering what certain icons mean in Scrivener.

In this case, sometimes when I click on the “plus” symbol to “create a new document”, the program generates card with a vertical “rectangular” white icon to the left of the card title and other times it seems to generate a horizontal “cue card” type icon with a thin red line followed by several small thin blue lines. Both documents appear to be text documents (vs folders) so I am just not clear what causes the program to generate one type of icon vs. the other?

I apologize if this has been addressed somewhere else in the forum but I did a search and couldn’t seem to locate an answer. Perhaps it doesn’t matter but I am new to the program and I can’t help but feeling that I am generating two different types of “cards”.

Any help or feedback is very much appreciated.

The following topic covers binder icons thoroughly, if a little redundantly: :unamused:


There is also a concise description and table in the user manual, §8.2 (pg. 78 on).

Thank you both for the links and references. Very much appreciated.