Measuring progress for the whole document

Hi, is there anyway to count what percentage/word count of the whole document (have seven chapters in separate folders) is in what status? So how much of the document is “to do”, how much is “first draft”?

Can find the info only for a chapter or a part of a document and would like to have the numbers for the whole document.

Would be cool to count progress that way…

Yes, there is. In the Project menu, select “Project Targets”. This will run a total count on everything in your Draft folder, so no matter how many individual pieces you compose your book from, you can keep tabs on the main count. That window can be moved off to the side and just left open. It will even count while you type. It also has a running session counter, and you can set goals in the window.

If you’re trying to get an idea on how many documents in the project are marked with a “To Do” status vs. a “First Draft” status and so on, you mind find saved search collections helpful. In the project search bar at the top right, enter the status you want to search for, e.g. To Do, and click the magnifying glass to limit the scope of the search to “status”. All the documents matching this criteria will appear in the Search Results collection in the binder. You can then click the magnifying glass again and choose “Save Search…” at the bottom to create a new dynamic collection that will appear as a new tab at the top of the binder. (You can toggle the visibility of these collection tabs via View > Collections > Show Collections.) Each time you select this tab, Scrivener will re-run the search and the updated list of documents marked “To Do” will appear.

By following the same steps to create a saved search for your “First Draft” documents and any others you want to track, you’ll be able to easily flip through the different collections to get an idea of how your project is progressing–ideally the “To Do” list will be getting shorter while your “First Draft” list increases!

The post is 10 years old, but still relevant to my query.
I have a Status drop-down category for “Grammarly”.
I asked search to list the documents that still require a Grammarly check (i.e. all documents not marked with a Grammarly status). I did a Project Search on the term Grammarly, ticked Status, ticked Search Manuscript Only and ticked Inverted the Results.
I get all the documents I need, but Scrivener ignores the Search Manuscript Only criteria, throwing out my Characters sheets, Research material and other Folders, all of which are not sub-levels of Manuscript.
Does Invert the Results mess with/limit the logic?

It ought to be working the way you’re expecting, where the search is limited to the Draft and then results from within that are returned based on the inversion. The current behaviour where the inverted search is also returning everything else from outside the Drat (or outside the selection, when using “Binder Selection” as the limiter) is a bug, and I’ll get that written up.

In the meantime, you should still be able to get what you want by using one of the advanced operators: limiting your search to the Draft as you were doing but searching status for “-Grammarly”—that should then return all items not marked with the “Grammarly” status, but truly limited to the Draft folder.

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Thanks. Your suggestion worked better than anticipated.
I’ve set my default drop-down on status to blank (for the scenes setup according to structure but yet to be worked on), so the search for “-Grammarly” returned only the results where I chose actual worded options, like Draft or Revision and ignored those that are still blank.
This is handy because I subscribe to Grammarly periodically, as needed, and allows for ease to catch-up when I’m a subscriber.