media files

hi folks - does anyone know if it’s still possible to drag mp3s etc directly into the document notes pane? I used to find this incredibly convenient. seems all I can do down is link to the file from the research folder. be great if anyone has any light to shed here …

I’m not sure if that was ever possible, at least not intentionally. The only thing I can think of is back in the day when Scrivener used RTFD as its storage format. That format is capable of embedding a wider variety of things. This was changed years ago to be more cross-platform compatible, using the RTF format, which itself doesn’t have a way of embedding music files into it. Have you checked out the References feature though? This kind of thing is what it is meant for.

I’ll do as you suggest - thanks. Aye, back in the day it was possible to drag mp3s and video files directly into the pane, which was terrifically useful for some projects - but it sounds as if this was an ‘accidental feature’. That’s a shame …

A future version will allow you to view media files in the inspector in a slightly different, but much easier, way.
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