Media in Draft mode

I’m using Scrivener to write a book that needs to some pages with diagrams, photos, and scanned historical documents.

Being required to put all media (even the media I intend to make part of the manuscript) in the Research folder is a real limitation.

I realize why there’s a distinction, but it shouldn’t be so difficult to allow media pages in the manuscript rather than only permitting text documents in there.

I’m not asking for fancy image embedding, just the ability to have PDF, JPEG, or other supported document types within the Draft folder with my other pages.

Why not just drop the figures into the text? It accomplishes the same thing, and meanwhile Scrivener doesn’t have to guess at what sort of paragraph formatting you like for your images, because they are in context.

Or, if you really want these things to be independent, just make an empty document, drop the image in, and then call it the image name. You can even change the icon to let it stand out. There are legitimate reasons to do that, as it makes it simple to isolate all figures in your work with a search, for instance—but it will likely mean that your text stops and starts again only because a figure has been inserted, if that makes sense.

As Ioa says, any media that should be part of the manuscript should be placed in the text itself. Just drag the PDF files or images into the text or use File > Insert > Image From File… It works exactly the same as any other word processor that allows you to add media to the text in this regard. Media imported as separate files in Research is for viewing independently as reference. The Draft is for the manuscript, so media should be part of the text, not separate files.

Agreed! This is such a frustrating limitation.

My method of organization is to use 1 folder per chapter. I put research for each chapter into the folder for that chapter, alongside my actual writing.

Why can’t I put pictures in there too?!

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