Media Queue or Playlist?

Hello! I know that this is probably very low on the priority list, if it is on there at all, but I am wondering if there are any plans to improve the internal media player?

Like many writers, I often draw inspiration from music or use it to set the mood for a scene I am writing. I love Scrivener’s ability to store media files directly in the project, especially because a) it allows me to cross link with the correct scene, and b) sync! However, having that feature at my fingertips makes me wish dearly for any way to play my saved files that doesn’t require switching between folders every three minutes, which is very disruptive to my writing process (especially in fullscreen! And of course, using an external program in fullscreen has its own flaws.) Shuffle and the ability to save/reuse playlists would be ideal, but really, even the ability to make a media file play on repeat would be amazing.

I know Scrivener isn’t intended to be a full-featured media player, but would it require a lot of work to implement something like this? I’m sure I’m not the only one wishing for it, since music is an integral part of the writing process for so many people.

Yeah, that’s a lot of work for something that has nothing to do with writing really—that writers listen to music isn’t a good enough reason, as under that logic we’d need to ship a minibar with every Scrivener purchase—a programmer could spend all of their time making a media player.

What’s wrong with using a media player though? They can run in the background while you work in all of your programs, and if they use common playlist formats, you can dump a playlist into a Reference pane in your inspector for a scene—just double-click it and your playlist for that scene fires up.

Computers multitask. :slight_smile:

Oh, now that’s something I haven’t thought of doing! That would solve my problem. Thank you for that suggestion!