Mellel 3.2.1

Having seen on the Cnet software update newsletter which I received today, that Mellel has just had a new update, and that the interface had been re-designed, I thought it was time I tried again.

When I first moved to OS-X I used Mellel — Nisus had still not released anything — and in spite of the quirky interface, I really liked the power of the original Mellel, except for one thing … it treated .doc files in Chinese as plain text and presented me with the binary code instead of the characters! I had to open them in TextEdit, export as .rtf and open that.

Then I found Opito Composer — Charles Jolley, who moved to Nisus with his code, and Nisus Writer appeared about a year later — but I have periodically checked on whether Mellel had been made compatible with Chinese .doc files, only to find no change.

Anyway, with today’s announcement, I went over to the Redlers website to try again … looked good … two-up pages, which NWP doesn’t do (yet?) … floating inspector palette, quirky but I could get used to it. So I downloaded and installed …

[size=150]Total disaster[/size]

a) .rtf from NWP with mixed Chinese and English opened OK, but: I had to tell it that the fonts in the original were what I wanted, not Lucida Grande; and the footers were weird … the tabbing to give the page number on the right margin was missing and I had to set the ruler individually for every page; endnotes needed sorting out … but OK I presumed I could cope with that if necessary. On the other hand in “Mellel view” I had line numbers in Lucide Grande Bold which I couldn’t turn off which were a real irritant, and in “Compact view” I had no line numbers, but couldn’t see either headers or footers … big turn off.

b) Chinese .doc came up in binary still … oh well, I can use NWP for those, no problem!

c) Total, utter and final deal-breaker! .rtf compiled from Scrivener in mixed Chinese and English … <aaaaagghh!> the Chinese is all in binary and nothing to be done about it! I am not going to Compile from Scrivener, open in NWP save, then open in Mellel to have to sort out page numbering and footers, to have heavy obtrusive line numbers every page or have to work in a semi-page mode, which I can do just as well in Scriv.

So, although I know there are people on this forum who benefit from some of the advantages which Mellel offers over NWP, it isn’t for me!

I guess I should email Redlers, but I’m not sure I can bother. Mellel comes off my machine, and in future I ignore any blandishments to try again!

Mr X

PS And that is the first time you’ve ever seen me change text colour or text size! :frowning: