Mellel 3.3

I had an advisory email from Redlers yesterday saying that Mellel 3.3 was available, so I downloaded it in hope.

I’m sure it’s a great word-processer once you’ve got to grips with the UI and many of you may find it useful. For me, it’s still useless, turning Chinese (and I guess Korean and Japanese) into gibberish … that is in a file exported from Scrivener into both RTF and DOCX. Still total deal-breaker; after all these years I would have hoped that the Redlers would have got round that.

But it might interest other Mac users here, if CKJ is nowhere on your horizon.

Mr X

Thanks, Mark.

Young Master Mark, wouldn’t you agree, that it’s fair comment, to say that the mono-linguistic English humans, consider all languages except their own to be gibberish? Some are even blessed with the gift of turning their own English language into gibberish.

Mark, I appreciate your concerns about the limitations of Mellel.

For my work, Mellel is perfectly suited as a word processor. My native language is English, but I use Hebrew, Greek, German in many of my writings. Obviously, the most critical is Hebrew because few other applications can handle it properly. Mellel is ideally suited for my needs.

I had used Papyrus for a book eight years ago and it worked really well for that. But the English update promised almost six years ago is still not available; the version I had quit working in 2007 with that Mac OS change. And any questions I have raised on the forum there have been immediately deleted. Too bad, because it was a very capable program. Now that Mellel has improved in some of those areas, I see no need to go back and try that one.

Thanks for letting us know. I tried Mellel when it came out and used it for a year or so but the learning curve was steep and various aspects just kept getting in my way. I switched to Scrivener for drafting and organizing, then Bean for formatting (or for quick, short articles), and that combo worked a lot better for my needs.

In your position, I’d definitely be using Mellel. When OS-X first came out, I wanted a word-processor, and Mellel was the only one that appealed, but the problem of Chinese was already there. To open documents I had to open them in TextEdit first, save out and tnen open them in Mellel.

Then I found Opito Composer by Charles Jolley which could open Chinese files directly and showed promise. Opito Composer was bought out by Nisus and Charles Jolley joined Nisus. From then on I’ve used Nisus, but I keep my eye on Mellel. It’s now over 10 years but it still won’t import Chinese, particularly as exported from Scrivener, which is an indispensible environment for translation work.

Apart from Mellel’s problem, I like Nisus and find it totally intuitive.

Mr X

Mellel imports Japanese files exported from Scrivener as RTF without any problems, so I wonder why it can’t handle Chinese (and Korean) files correctly. I just tested with some Chinese and Korean files, and they did indeed turn into gibberish, although of course one can type in Chinese and Korean in Mellel without any problems. Personally I prefer Mellel to Nisus, but for me its main shortcoming is that it can’t handle Devanagari and other Indic scripts.

Interesting to note that it can handle Japanese; I simply assumed it wouldn’t be able to as it can’t handle Chinese … and not just from Scriv, though that is my main concern.

I’ve been using Nisus for so long now, that I’m completely at home in it, and would only switch to Mellel for some specific feature.