Mellel for sale

Just to let everyone know that Mellel is up for grabs at a 50% rebate over at


I’m considering it right now. Is it a tossup between Mellel and Nisus or are they very different. Can some of you tell me what made you choose the one you did? I need quick opinions. :smiley:

Oh dear, don’t ask me then – I have both, as well as Microsoft Word! Mellel’s great for long stuff, and for things with academic references (via Bookends). Nisus Writer Pro is more visual somehow, and I use it for short things such as letters. People say that Mellel’s interface is quirky, but frankly I think the same can be said for Nisus. Nothing wrong with choosing either of them, but in my opinion neither is the holy grail of word processors (which I don’t think has been developed yet). Good luck.