Memory Usage and Limits?


So I just bought Scrivener for Windows with the sole focus on using it for managing tons and tons of information I have for our roleplaying sessions (D&D).

Now I wonder where I should be cautious when it comes to file size (of the .scriv) mostly.

For example, functionally it would be great to add all my PDFs to the research tab but we are talking multiple gb - is that a problem? (are they only “linked” and therefore it doesnt matter or are they actually added to the project for real?)

Likewise, if I have decades worth of collected picture that I want to add, is it wise to do that directly in scrivener? (I dont mean via document references, I suppose that works, I mean directly into the project?)

Thank you!

In the meantime I thought I found all my answers in this tutorial:

Basically it shows how to add files to research as links (they call it alias) which would fix my problem instantly.

However, its a tutorial for iOS and starts with “Insert” Menu which doesnt seem to exist for the WIN version. Also, if I add files via the menu (or context menu), there does not seem to be any such option.

Is there an option in WIN version to add files as links only?

You’re probably referring to the Mac version, not the iOS version, as I don’t think the iOS version can add/reference external documents.

That capability is only available for windows in the Beta of version 3. Depending on your ability to tolerate constant re-installs as they issue monthly or bi-monthly updates, you might want to check that version out for the features you see from the mac version 3.

In general though, there’s no real limit on the size of a project. On windows, you can clearly see that a project is just a folder with many sub-folders and files within. So the files added to your project are just that; files added to the sub-folders of the project. They’re not, however, directly accessible; you shouldn’t open the files in that project folder except via the Scrivener interface. The version 3 feature of adding links to external files will speed up backups (which are complete copies of your project) though.

Thank you for that reply, Rdale.

Just so I understand correctly - so by adding ALL my relevant PDFs to the research section (a few gb really), I would not slow down scrivener or anything but I would create copies of those pdfs?

So essentially, its “only” a diskspace consideration, not a performance one?

A large project will take longer to backup, both manually and according to Scrivener’s automatic backup schedule. But no, a large research folder shouldn’t have much impact on Scrivener’s actual writing/editing performance.