memory use?

I’m a long-time Devonthink Pro user, currently trying out Scrivener because it has quite a number of features I like. Overall, Scrivener is very, very impressive. One thing I do notice is that it takes up a fair amount of ram. Is this normal or will this be improved upon shortly.

database size: 150 mb
ram usage: 190 mb
(Devonthink with the same files takes up only 75 mb)

macbook pro 2ghz
os x 10.4.8
scrivener 1.1

Interesting. Could you tell me how many files you have opened inside Scrivener at this time? That is, did you open a number of documents in the project? Also, what tool did you use to show how much RAM it is using? I’m always interested in making it more efficient. The old adage is: make it work, then optimise. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

I only had one ‘project’ file open and was just viewing one document, and I used activity viewer to check how much ram each open application used.