Men always lie about the size of their

[size=200]fish they catch.[/size]

What else do men lie about?

obviously they were not brave enough to admit what they lie about!

I’d have said that they lie about how many stupid iphone apps they have that fart when when you press a button.


‘No seriously, I do have 3 terrabytes! Really! Well, if you count that one in the server, that I can’t really use anyway, and the backupdisk. Yes, 3 terrabytes!’


Hey! Don’t you go insinuating that those disks don’t count! Just because you can’t actually write data to them does not mean that the CAPACITY shouldn’t be included in the total!

You were joking?

There really is only one pink. :wink: It aches like hell when shes not here, but seems like Heaven when she is! Welcome home ODelicate Blush

I love being missed :slight_smile:

iPhone apps that fart? :open_mouth:
Oh, what joys have I been missing? :smiley:
Please excuse me while I hand-crank iTunes…

there is also one that fills up like a beer and empties when you tip it.

verily, the mind doth boggle :frowning:
And a hand-cranked i Tunes, isn`t such a bad thing.