Mendeley to Scrivener drag and drop problem

Hi all,

I’m relatively new to both Scrivener and Mendeley, wanting to write my PhD thesis for the next 5 years with both. I know there’s no plug-in (yet), but from what I read, I should be able to drag and drop references. Now, when I drag, the lovely little document and ‘1’ appears when I hover over Scrivener, though when I drop, nothing happens.

Any advice? It’s on Windows 10. Dropping into MS Word works fine.


I don’t have any answers for you, but I will say that I have the problem with dragging citations with Zotero - except in my case, it’s like the entire citation just collapses on itself. When I posted in the Zotero forum, they said it was likely an issue on Scrivener’s end. (See my post here [url]])

There was no reply from Scrivener people unfortunately, so don’t hold your breath… I solved the problem by figuring out how to make the citation window pop-up with Zotero (through some coding and lots of googling), but I am not sure how to fix it with Mendeley.

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