Mental Case

If I understand it correctly Mental case is a flashcards type of application. Has anybody tried it? How does it compare to other apps of the same kind?

I gave it a whirl a while back. It struck me as being a fairly slick flash card application. Like most of these applications, it has a simple way to design cards and does a decent job of doing this automatically. What sets it apart from the rest is its detailed scheduling system. Without much tuning at all, it is designed to present cards to you at intervals which maximise how well you remember the information on the card. You can over-ride this and set up manual scheduling as well. I’ve never learnt well using the flash card method, so it ended up in the Trash for me and I wouldn’t be able to attest for the effectiveness of its scheduling. But for people that like to learn things using cards, I can imagine it would be a great way to do it.

I tried it for a while, but found it too cumbersome. I use iFlash instead, which also has spaced repetition (don’t get to see the cards if you know it already) but feels easier to use. Mental Case seems to do much more than flashcard, but still sticks to that flashcard-principle, and that doesn’t really work for me and I’m not sure if it really does more than just ‘flashcards’.

Depending on what you need, you may want to check out iFlash (


i used mental case to help me learn the phonetic alphabet. it is a flash card app. i thought it was pretty good, enough so that it’s on my “buy” list, although i haven’t bought it yet. i don’t remember well, but i think you’re able to put pictures and even audio on the flash cards. and it is beautifully designed.

I think is a much better flashcard app compared to Mental Case.