Menu button for Project Targets ?


I have looked but cannot see one. I motivate myself through the day, and week by looking at my progress toward a target of 1,000 words in a session. It would be so nice to have a button in the top menubar.

View > Customize Toolbar…, toward the bottom centre:

Dammit … I should have spotted that one - sorry.

Thanks for the help.

All those L&L people make is seem like the rest of us are a bit … slow … don’t they?

Keep in mind that as long as I, vic-k, and a few others are hanging around, you will NOT be the slowest person around. Think about it… I don’t have a head…

Thanks Jaysen :slight_smile: I am an experienced PC and software user. But it is a powerful program and developers looking out always find it difficult to imagine what it is like being a new user. AmberV is a decent guy (have to say that don’t I … :smiley: )
Sometimes it’s difficult to wait before using a program until we have read the manual and we just have to dive in. Hence silly questions arise.
I have now discovered the Interactive Tutorial :mrgreen: which is a MAJOR discovery, and have started working my way through that. It looks good.

All the best.

I think part of the problem is that many new users — as opposed to those of us old lags who’ve been using it since the beginning, when it was simpler in many ways — approach Scrivener from a position of “I’m an experienced computer user — or even programmer — and I’ve been using Word or InDesign — or programmer’s text editors — for years, so I know about text processing.” and they dive in headfirst and hit the bottom. So they turn to the manual and find that confusing, because Scrivener is a very powerful program, but the underlying concept of Scrivener is different from word processors and page make-up programs.

The way into it is through the tutorial. Perhaps it should be made more prominent for new users.

Mr X

There is a LOT in what you say, xiamenese. On your last point … as a newb, I couldn’t possibly comment :wink: