Menu disappears on mouse click

Hi all , new to the forum, very excited about scriv for linux. The latest beta looks good, except that there seems to be a problem on my eee pc ubuntu 10.10 with the windows manager. No scroll bars at the side of the windows and the whole thing jumps around when you click the mouse, causing the menu bar to disappear. Unfortunately this makes the program totally unusable. Anybody experienced anything similar. I am running in gnome at 1024x600 res.

Thanks in advance


on further consideration I’m wondering i it might be anything to do with gnome as a windows manager, some sort of resolution problem. any thoughts appreciated!

Well i’ve sort of solved this, basically eee pc’s screen res is too small for scrivener at mo. For anyone else interested in using scrivener on an eee pc the work around can be found here:

it basically zooms the screen to a higher res

unfortunately though i can now see and click on everything there is still a slight jump of the screen, though to be able to use scrivener this is a minor annoyance for me. I should add that once you zoom to full screen mode, everything works perfectly. It is only in the manager mode that this glitch happens. So its still very usable.

Note to any developers who might be reading: I hope I’m not just speaking for myself, but think a lot of writers would like to use scrivener on a netbook-sized screen. I do nearly all my writing on a netbook (and linux, easier for the LateX) nowadays. So it would be nice to see our resolutions catered for. Thanks