Menu problems with version 0.0.35


Firstly thanks for the release of the 0.0.35 version Scrivener for Linux.

I am still struggling with the menus when Scrivener window has been maximised. This existed in the earlier version.

As reported by others, the clicking on the menu causes no reaction, but if the Alt-F key combination is used the menu just pops up just floating in the middle of the screen. Usually the menu is trained to appear where the mouse is supposed to be, therefore the menu my not be working as the reporting of the mouse position is broken somewhere.

If the Scrivener window is in the middle of the screen, the menu works OK. If the window is now maximised and the Alt- key combination is used the menu is placed on the screen where the menu would have been before the window was maximised. Therefore the mouse does not know what it is underneath it.

If the Scrivener Window is stretched to fill the window, and then the window is maximised the problem does not exist as the position of things do not change.

What does all this mean?
This looks like a broken GUI framework to me.

This was on Fedora 14 using Gnome 2.32

Have fun wit this! I’m looking forward to Scrivener on Linux being complete!


Could it be an issue with your qt libs? My menu’s look find on Kubuntu.

You could be right, the problem could be with the Qt libraries, the problem is that the Qt libraries are included with the program. All the updates for Fedora 14 are installed.

The other variable is that you appear to be using KDE while I have Gnome 2.

In the next few days I will put it on another machine which uses another GUI to see what happens. There are programmers with better brains than I who will be able to crack the problem. So all I am doing to report the problem.

I have the same problem on Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit. My hardware is DELL 700M laptop released 6 years ago. When Ubuntu was installed and rebooted first time, a message popped up, saying “Your hardware is old, and you cannot use UNITY” and Ububtu classic(?) seems to be working on my system.

hi to all!

I’ve the same annoying bug on my rig… Samsung R60+ with Fedora 14 gnome 3 :confused: