Menu > sub-menu > choice Navigation

:arrow_right: It would be nice were menu items more quickly keyboard-accessible. My thought here was triggered by the many times that the choices I want do not have an action key assigned.

(The usual ‘encounter’ with this for me is View > Go To > Favorites … and the other choices shown.)


Check the accessibility shortcuts for your operating system. There should be one that will navigate to the menu bar, and from there you can use the arrow keys to your heart’s content.

It’s Control-F2 on the Mac, but your profile says you’re a Windows user.



I understand: Alt- (eg) -V > G etc.
But what I was trying to say was that I’d rather not up/down with the arrows 10+ times every time I want to get for instance to one of my ~ 10 favorites. Or similarly to one of my folders.

And I’d rather not take my hands off the keyboard when a 3-tap might do the trick.


(Beyond VIEW > GO TO > … , there are other instances scattered across the Menus > submenus.)