menubar > Edit > Add Link: "Web" not working with fully formed https url

MacOS Sierra, 10.12.1, on an iMac 4GHz i7
Scrivener 2.8 (26295), downloaded from this website

Im fed up with forever changing “Web” to “No prefix”, so figured I’d better tell you about this problem.

In the Wish Forum you say that it isn’t necessary to choose “No Prefix” when entering a fully formed url, as Scrivener will detect that and not add the prefix.
Whilst true for “http://”, it is not true for “https://”.

Test cases:
(a) test with https
url entered:
url returned:

(b) test with http
url entered:
url returned:

I haven’t tested this problem on my Linux box (yet).

Btw, great program :slight_smile:

The post quoted below—written by one of the devs—mentions changes coming for https links in the next version of Scrivener.