Hey everyone,

I searched for this and couldn’t find it on the forums but I find it hard to imagine that it hasn’t been suggested before. Have you guys ever thought of selling merchandise? T-Shirts and coffee mugs /office supplies? I just started using Scrivener a few months ago and really enjoy it. I would be willing to buy a coffee mug or some pens with the Scrivener logo on them (or the name) to support you guys and i’m sure others would love to have some of these things too.


I was sitting on the train this morning thinking how cool it would be to have merch from Scrivener.

It could be a hoodie with the little logo on it, or a notebook bag with the logo on it, or a coffee mug with a saying on it and the logo on the bottom.

That would be a way to spread the word. And when you see other people who also have that merch, you’d have a gateway dialogue right away, which in turn can bring people together.

I think it would be a great thing too.