Merge All Windows works in S3

I didn’t hear talk of Merge All Windows – or tabbed projects, as I call it – in Scrivener 3, so I’m delighted to discover that it works as expected. This is fabulous for anyone who works on multiple projects simultaneously.

I’ve always enjoyed S2, but S3 is a real joy to work in. The thought that has gone into the details while retaining the overall “theme” shines through. I’ll have to work even harder at my writing to make it worthy of the tool I’m using!


It’s one of those things that largely comes for free on macOS, though I think Keith had to do some work to get it integrated properly—so yeah it’s easy to forget. :slight_smile:

Quick Reference panels can be merged together as well (though only with other QR panels).

OMG! :open_mouth: THIS is why I “couldn’t open two scrivener projects at the same time” this morning: Scrivener (or Sierra; not sure which) merged them without me asking and I didn’t have the tab bar open so I couldn’t see that anything happened.

Ah, I very rarely work with more than one project at a time, and when I do I’d much rather they were separate windows. Is there a preference (Scriv or Sierra) so that this doesn’t happen automatically upon opening a second (or Nth) project?

I know of no way to turn the behaviour off, but it normally shouldn’t get in the way or be easy to accidentally trigger like that, especially without the tab bar on. With it on you could drag one window into another somewhat accidentally, but with it off it’s pretty much like OS X has always been.

Well, OK, Ioa, if you say so, and I have no reason to doubt you. But on my machine, MacBook Air 11", early 2015, running Sierra 10.12.6, every time I open a second project, tab bar visible or not, the darn thing gets loaded into the first window as a tab. And the tab bar becomes visible if it wasn’t already (it probably did this morning but it’s not very assertive, I wasn’t expecting the behaviour, and I hadn’t finished my first cup of coffee. :slight_smile: )

I’m sure many find tabbed windows in Scrivener a helpful thing (certainly, @auxbuss, you seem to), but to me it’s an irritant. I’ve hunted around in System Preferences a bit and can’t find a way to turn it off, not even in Accessibility (where a lot of options that don’t seem to me to have to do with accessibility get stuffed, but that’s a rant for Apple’s forum where it will do no good.)

Part of my irritation, no doubt, is that it was an unpleasant surprise that forced me to find a workaround because I didn’t understand what was happening. Still, I’d like a way to turn it off so that I can open a second project in a new window directly without having to take a second step to open the tab in a new window.

There’s a setting in System Preferences > Dock > Prefer tabs when opening new documents with a drop down box with the options Always / Full Screen only / Manually. Have you got it set to always?


Thank you, thank you, Brookter and Bridey! I spent half an hour trying to search Apple docs for merging windows and tabs and came up empty. Yes! It works great.

…in Dock preferences??? What do window tabs have to do with the dock? Oh well, another rant in Apple’s forums for another day.