Merge documents

I’m a newcomer to Scrivener - very impressed.
However, one problem - I want to merge text from two short documents to make one new doc. The Merge on the Document Menu is always grey and unusable - so how can I do this?
I’ve tried in Edit Scrivenings - greyed out Merge.
Copy and Paste doesn’t seem to work in Scrivener.
What do I do?
Shunting paras from one chapter to another, or combining two scenes is something I need to do all the time.

Many thanks


I did work all the way through the Tutorial, and have searched the Reference Guide, but nothing helpful on this came up.


If you select documents in the Binder then you will be able to merge them.

Hi Patrick

Thanks very much - not used to the binder being such an active place. Great program!


It is probably best to think of all the commands in the “Document” menu as applying to whatever is selected in the Binder.

Some of them do things with folders and others will files, and they will be enabled/disabled as appropriate. But they all relate to the selected file(s) in some way.