Merge two files?

A friend and I are collaborating on writing an academic paper. To avoid confusion (and the danger of corrupting the file), we copied the project file, and saved two copies of it. My friend is working on certain sections of the paper in her copy, and I working on other sections in mine.

What is the best way to merge our respective sections into one file? I noticed that there is a “merge” command in the Scrivener documents drop menu, but it isn’t clear if this is for merging to files, or something else.

What is the easiest and safest way to combine the writing that we have each done in our copy of the Scrivener project file?


I just noticed that it is possible to have 2 Scrivener projects opened at once, so perhaps the easiest thing to do is to copy and paste text from one project file to the other.

Is there a better, or simpler way to synchronize or merge the two versions of the file?


MJH :smiley:

The merge command is for merging two files in one project’s binder.

To copy entire files from one project to another, just select the file or files you want to copy from one and drag them to the binder of the other. That means you’ll have to identify and delete the originals versions of those files.

Thanks Robert. That’s a fantastic suggestion, and works perfectly! I didn’t realize that you could drag files between projects, but it works seamlessly.

Thanks again for the helpful suggestion! :exclamation:

It’s a neat trick. I use it to keep undeveloped story ideas in one project. If I decide to develop one into a book, I just create a new Scrivener project and drag what I have over into it. Or that’s the plan anyway; most of the ideas there are bad or uninspiring, and I tend to brainstorm better on paper.